7 Things I’m Loving Right Now

October 30, 2018


There are always lots of things to love! Whether it be a new TV show, new clothes, a new organization you are involved in, a new relationship, a book, or a favorite restaurant, it is usually pretty easy to make a list of things we love. Here are a few things that are making me happy and that I am currently loving.


1. New Lamps:



Depending on what it is, it can sometimes be hard for me to "treat myself." Every time I have gone to Hobby Lobby in the past 6 months (which is often), I have eyed these lamps. I would never let myself spend the money, so I always walked away empty handed. Y'all- they are from HOBBY LOBBY. Nothing is expensive there. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I finally caved, and it is shameful how happy these lamps have made me.


2. Striped Sweaters:



I have seen striped sweaters all over the internet and quickly decided this was something I wanted for fall. I found this one at TJ Maxx, and I can already tell it will be a favorite of mine this season. At under $25, it was a great buy!


3. Eyelash Primer:


I don't know how I have gone 25 years of life without ever knowing this stuff existed. When it comes to make-up, I don't know much and just try to do my best. Anyway, I decided to give this stuff a go, and I am impressed at how it makes your eye lashes stand out!


4. Trader Joe's:


I am a new Trader Joe's addict, and although Andrew would never admit it, he is a fan as well! The Memphis location just recently opened, and my grocery shopping and dinner prepping has definitely changed. I love it all- churro bites, potstickers, birthday cake popcorn, Mandarin chicken, cookie butter, chocolate covered bananas... just to name a few.


5. New Fall Candle:


I have a candle stash from the Aspen Bay warehouse sale, so it is rare that I buy a new candle. When the seasons change and TJ Maxx has a delicious smelling candle in the checkout line, it can sometimes be hard to resist. I found this one below, and I cannot get enough it!



Here is another one on the website that has my eye!

6. New Leggings:




My sister recently bought a pair of the Spanx camo leggings. I was contemplating caving and finally buying myself a pair, when I found a similar pair for a fraction of the price!


7. New Jewels:



I can't possibly right a post without mentioning jewelry. My current new favorite item is the gold textured bracelet. I have been stacking them up, and I can already tell these will become a year-around staple. They are also 20% off until tomorrow, making them a steal at only $11.20!


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!








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