Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 21, 2017

Mother's Day 2017 is May 14! Have you found that perfect gift for your mom?



Being a jewelry designer, I will obviously always recommend jewelry!


Some of my top picks for Mother's Day include layering necklaces, The Gold Tube and Diamond Minimalist necklaces, and bracelet stacks. Layering necklaces make a great statement, and these are perfect for the fashionista moms out there! I am a sucker for a practical piece of jewelry that I can wear everyday, which is why I also highly recommend the gold minimalist necklaces. Lastly, I think bracelets always make for a great gift! My mom recently told me a story about an obsession with bracelets I had when I was a little girl. Apparently, I thought it was necessary to stack them up to my elbow everyday. What can I say- not much has changed! I still love a good bracelet stack! You can find all of these gifts (and much more) on my Etsy shop!


A candle is also one of my favorite gifts! On a normal night at my house, I feel like it is safe to say that I have at least 3 candles burning. I have a slight obsession. You can find an Aspen Bay candle in nearly every room of my home. A friend of my mom also owns her own candle company, So Delta Candle Companyand they are also absolutely wonderful! As the name implies, they are made in the Mississippi Delta and are available in so many beautiful varieties.


Recently, I have developed a deep love for plants. I have never really been into gardening, but when my husband started to refer to me as the "plant lady", I quickly realized that over the past few months, I have gathered quite the collection. With that being said, I came across this cute succulent. Who doesn't love a succulent?


Hope you all find the perfect gift for your mom!




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